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Ruby Frost

So happy to finally be able to dive in to the magical world of Everafter. I missed Bianca and her friends. I can't wait to find out what she's been up to. It was really hard to ignore her loud voice for almost a year but I really needed to sit down and finish Mugshots otherwise I never would've finished writing that book. And also I didn't want to get stuck writing only for Bianca. No matter how amazing of a character she is, I don't want to be known just for one thing. I have so many stories inside of me that I want to give all of my characters the chance to shine.

There are a few fairy tales that are going to be thrown into the mix in book #4. The main one is Aladdin or specifically the genie of the ring, I always felt that he was an important character that probably had something to say. Hopefully I give him the voice he deserves. I will also feature Baba Yaga (must be a popular character because I've seen her popping up in a few other stories) but I'm going to move forward and find a way to make her my own. I will also feature a descendant of Mulan. And we will also see more of the fairy queens. This is going to be on jammed packed book. Hopefully it's worth the wait. All I ever wanted to do was tell stories and entertain people with my work.

I will leave you with my inspiration for the genie of the ring. He has no name at the moment but that will change really soon. Some of you know how much I love the TV show Faerie Tale Theater. This is how I see my genie of the ring. Except instead of green imagine him in citrine/orange hues. ;)

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