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It took a year to get into Otakon. A whole year of planning and preparing, filling out forms and all sorts of applications just to get a table in artist alley.

But Elizabeth Kolodziej and I did it. And not only that, we also had a workshop/panel there as well!! And there was a LINE of people waiting to hear what we had to say. It was mind blowing.

Here are some of the pictures I took this weekend. I will definitely post more as soon as my phone starts cooperating again.

Friday morning. Woke up at 6:30 am and got dressed and ready to go. My BFF Liz K. picked me up at 7:45 and we headed to Baltimore. Surprisingly smooth drive and we got there in an hour. We unloaded our stuff. And then headed to the registration line to get our badges and fill out some paperwork in order to sell stuff in artist alley.

We handed out a TON of bookmarks and sold a whole bunch of books this weekend. We will definitely try and go back next year if it's in Baltimore (it might move to Washington D.C. next year).

Then the workshop was on Friday at 11 PM. Yes, you read that correctly. PM!! And we honestly didn't think anyone would show up, but there was a LINE Of people waiting to get inside to listen to Elizabeth and I talk about writing erotica. It was surreal.

And the costumes!!!! OMG The costumes were incredible. I wasn't able to take pictures of every single amazing costume I saw this weekend but here are a few.





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