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Su Williams Blog Tour

When Liz asked me to write a guest post, I had no idea what to write about. ‘Write about your inspiration,’ she says. Ugh. ‘Make it like a top 10 reasons I write list,’ she says. Double ugh!
So I sat down and tried to write a comical Top 10 List of What Inspires Me! Yeah-no. I ended up writing character descriptions for each of my main characters. Don’t ask. I have no idea how one evolved into the other.
Then genius hit me. Okay, maybe not genius. Maybe…well…inspiration! Can you see the penumbra of glorified light and hear the angels sing? No? Just me? Well, I decided to do something that we used to do in Sunday school to help the kids remember their lessons. So now…I hope to INSPIRE you.


Inspire is really a great word. There are so many other great words that describe inspire. I navigated to one of my favorite writing websites: Thesaurus.com. I do so love Thesaurus.com. I keep it open ALL the time while I’m writing. If my brain gets stuck on a mundane word, I can flip over to Thesaurus.com and find another word. A bigger word. A stronger word. A bolder word. And occasionally, that new word will inspire another thought I hadn’t thunk of before.


I…….To INSPIRE someone means to INFECT another. If you think about nasty germs, that cause nasty diseases, you don’t want to become infected with that. Yuck! But, what if your words could infect your reader? What is it that you want to infect them with? Love? Happiness? Melancholy? FEAR? I love to use words that INFLAME my readers; a story that INFUSES them with emotion or the belief in a newfound race of immortals.
N…..Now, there aren’t many ‘N’ words that explain INSPIRE. But one of them is NEEDLE. It means to provoke. I get a picture of a bull fighter waving his red cape to provoke the bull in my mind. As writers, we need more than a red cape. We need crimson billows of satin that snap in the wind like a pennant. That will NEEDLE that bull.
S……What do you do when you want someone else to come around to your way of thinking? You want to SWAY the way they believe. You use your knowledge and abilities to convince them that this planet truly has two moons and its sky is purple. We use our words to SWAY people into believing the reality of our story.
P……When a person is inspired they tend to sit around and do nothing. No. An inspired person gets up and PRODUCES something. Sometimes need inspires creativity. Sometimes, that creativity produces an answer to a need. Dang. I’m getting all intellectual here.
I…….The word INSPIRIT means to give energy or courage to somebody. I’ve been asked a few times, what authors inspire me. There are authors whose stories encouraged me to write in the first place. And there are others who instilled me with energy to make my stories better.
R……Sometimes, being inspired REVEALS something to us about ourselves or someone or something else that we didn’t know before. It may reveal to us that we are capable of writing that book, that story, that poem.
E……Inspiration EMBOLDENS us to step out of the norm. It ENKINDLES our hearts to believe, not only in our stories, but in ourselves.
More great words that mean INSPIRE:
Animate, excite, exhilarate, fire up, galvanize, hearten, influence, inform, motivate, trigger, urge
Wow! Those are all great words.
So, here’s a list of authors that inspire me:
I LOVE vivid, original imagery. I love it when writing is beautiful and poetic and heart-wrenching. The authors that I believe do this for me are Lisa McMann, Maggie Stiefvater, Annette Curtis Klaus and Richelle Mead.

Liz, thank you so much for hosting me on your blog. I hope you enjoyed my little rant.  Thank you for your inspiration to tell a great story and make it the best it can be.

And as always,

Dare to Dream!

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